Shipment Info

Shipping Info

Delivery time :

Standard Shipping : processing time(1-3 business days) + shipping time (10-15 business days) = 10-20 business days 

Expedited Shipping : processing time(1-3 business days) + shipping time (3-7 business days) = 5-10 business days 

Shipment Price:

I.Russia, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, New Zealand, Denmark, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Greece, Germany, Italy, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Belgium, France, Poland, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United States (59 of 62 states) 
Rate name Condition Price
Standard ( 10-20 business days ) $0.00 and up $7.99
Standard ( 10-20 business days ) US$55.00 and up Free


II. South Africa, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Israel 

Rate name Condition Price
Express US$0.00 and up US$60.00
Standard ( 10-20 business days ) US$80.00 and up US$45.00
Standard ( 10-20 business days ) US$60.00–US$80.00 US$40.00
Standard ( 10-20 business days ) US$40.00–US$60.00 US$30.00
Standard ( 10-20 business days ) US$20.00–US$40.00 US$15.00
note :Shipping fee is influenced by virus and usually it will be back to normal in future.
III.Canada, United States, Australia
Rate name  Condition Price
Express ( 5-10 business days ) US$0.00 and up US$45.00
Standard ( 10-20 business days ) US$0.00 and up US$8.99
Standard ( 10-20 business days ) US$55.00 and up Free

A confirmation email will be sent to you once the order is authorized and verified. We begin preparing your order immediately after it is verified. With this sort of time frame, it makes it difficult for us to change or cancel your order, however, we will do our best to support your request.

Shipping time is estimated and commences from the date of shipping, rather than the date of order, and can take longer than expected date due to invalid address, customs clearance procedures or other causes.

Please submit a ticket within 6 months of shipment if the package does not arrive in time, our representative will get back to you within 24 hours. Note that overdue requests may not be accepted.

* Pls make sure your address info is right,and if you didn't receive our product as your wrong address,we would only refund you half,or you need to pay extra shipping fee to us to get the package again.