Butterfly Flower Quilling Paper Crafts

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Paper Quilling Tool Set DIY Butterfly Flowers Handmade Papercraft Template Tweezers Ruler Cone Rolling Pen Kit for Classroom Wedding Party Gift
1. A4 draft, the size is 27.9x21cm, the colors of quilling strips are matched with each painting, and the tools are also matched.
2. Imported quilted paper strips and high-quality quilted paper tools.
3. Quilling Paper painting is an art form that cuts strips of paper into thin slices. Then roll the paper into different designs. These smaller designs are then assembled together to create new larger graphics, designs, items or shapes. The uniqueness of this process is that the paper does not lie flat, but is professionally glued and placed on its end. This design allows to obtain a three-dimensional appearance.

Material: Paper + Plastic + Stainless Steel Tools

Instructions for Use:
1. 1. When making quilling paper paintings, the width of the paper is also different, but the more commonly used paper is a 5mm strip. Take out the strip and roll it into a paper roll with a quilling pen. When making the paper, first clip one end of the paper into the quilling pen slot, make easier for rolling paper.
2. Carefully remove the rolled paper from the quilling pen and place it into the round mold of theRuler. Then release the hand holding the paper roll, and the roll will naturally spread according to the size of the round mold.
3. Stick the edge of the paper roll with white glue (NOT Including) and wait for it to dry. The following shapes are also operated in this way.
4. Then gently pinch one end of the paper roll with your hand to get the basic model of quilling paper painting - Teardrop Roll. On the basis of the teardrop roll, pinch both ends of the paper roll by hand to form another kind Model - Eye-Shaped Roll.
5. To paste the finished product, use auxiliary tweezers to align the lines when pasting the work, and then gently move and adjust the position after clamping. After tedious and detailed splicing, your great quilted paper craft is finished.

1. Children under 10 years old should use this product with an adult.
2. This product kit DOES NOT come with glue.
3. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
4. Please allow 1-3mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Package Content:
1 Set X Quilling Papers
1 X Quilting Paper Pen
1 X A4 Draft Drawings
1 X Ruler
1 X Tweezers
1 X Cone
1 X Quilting Mould
1 X Comb

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