DIY Cartoon Kids Special-shape Full Drill Children Diamond Painting Sticker

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1. DIY painting, originality, painting and resin sequins, resin shiny sequins unique luster, shining light, is currently the most popular DIY jewelry.
2. Hand-made DIY good tools for children, exercise children's hands-on ability

Size: 17*15cm6.69*5.91\", Single Size about 6*5cm2.36*1.97\"
Material: Oil Canvas + Resin Diamond
Outer frame: None
Diamond type: Special-shaped Rhinestone
Diamond characteristics:
Top design drill, perfect size 2.8 mm.
26 facets innovative launch, 360 degree refraction diamond pure color.
High quality manufacturing process, no color powder added, up to export inspection standards.
Grade 8 color fastness, oxidation resistance, irradiation resistance, durable color.

DIY diamond painting production steps:
1. Open the box and check the special tools for diamond painting.
2. Look at the color of resin diamond and code the order of arrangement.
3. As shown in the figure, when you uncover the picture on the tape, you will see a large number of color codes corresponding to the symbols.
4. As shown in the figure, diamonds are inlaid with resin according to the color of the corresponding jackets.
5. Suggest a resin diamond set to be completed faster
6. In order to create a perfect diamond painting, the drawings are put together and the diamonds are pasted one by one.
7. Install the material in sequence as shown in the figure.
8. The splicing needs to be flat and tidy without cracks.
9. After good pasting, the remaining gaps correspond to the symbols of rubber diamonds.

1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
2. Please allow slight measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
Package Content:
2 X Children Diamond Painting Sticker
2 X Diamond Painting Tools (Mud, Drill Pen, Speed-up Disk, Cube Drill)

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