DIY Spot Diamond Mandala Fingertip Gyro Anti Stress Spinning Toys (TL003)

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DIY Spot Drill Diamond Double-Sided Colorful Mandala Fingertip Spinning Gyro Decompression Toy Kits Printed Rhinestone Hand Spinner Stress Relief Toys
1. Ultra-quiet, stable, long rotation time, wear-resistant.
2. Universal fingertip gyroscope can rotate about 1 to 5 minutes.
3. With the addition of dazzling AB diamond turn to show a shiny effect.

Name: Spot Drill Fingertip Gyro
Material: Fingertip Part: Plastic, Steel: Bearing Part
Structure Principle: Ball Bearing Rotation
Size: 8x8x0.5cm
Style: Snowflake Mandala Shape, Colorful Shape, Multi-Wing Design
Color: Mixed Color Dazzling
Net Weight: 30g
Gross Weight: 40g
Unit: 1pc

How to play:
1. As long as the hand squeezes the spindle gently dial can be high-speed rotation continuous rotation, once you get started completely can not stop.
2. These magic rings are easy to operate and can be played with one hand, challenging and fun.

1. The device is made of a piece of plastic mold plus rotating bearing system, which can be rotated at the fingertips.
2. Good hand feeling, not easy to rust, perfect size for adults and children.
3. Easy to carry, small size, simple and fun.
4. It is the best choice for children and adults with learning or writing disabilities, and it will be a great therapy to reduce daily stress.
5. It helps to develop creativity and creative thinking for everyone. For people who are irritable or anxious, it helps to relieve stress at work, and it is also effective for concentration and deep thinking.

DIY diamond painting steps:
1. Open the box, check the kits whether complete;
2. According to the color code, choose a color into the plate;If you paste the same color at the same time, you can increase the speed;
3. Find the symbols in picture, beginning paste until finish it;
4. When you finish it,put some books on top, let it more firmly;
5. Congratulations, you can go framed up and decorate your home now!

1. This is DIY diamond painting. It\'s not finished. You need to do it yourself.
2. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
3. Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
Package Content:
1 X Spot Diamond Fingertip Gyro
1set X Diamond Painting Tools (Rhinestone Bags)

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